Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Torrs Riverside Park via Millenium Walkway

Tried to get out to the hills again this weekend but got as far as the A6 just past Lyme Park and realised were were not gonna get much further, instead of following the crowds to Lyme Park though we continued and went to New Mills to discover the Millenium Walkway that goes under New Mills and The Torrs Riverside Park or 'The Park Under The Town' as the locals call it. I was intruiged by this place as I see it when I get the train out to the Peak and always wondered what it was like. To say I was impressed would be a major understatement. It is a stunning place, I have driven through New Mills many times but had now idea this huge river gorge was underneath me. We parked up at Hague Bar and walked a circular walk follwing the Goyt into New Mills an then out the other side and then followed the Peak Forest canal back. We took about two an a half hours and by the time we got back to the car another few inches of snow had fallen and we struggled through snow all the way.

River Goyt below Church Road Bridge

After the fun of the weekend Monday was back to work and it snowed a little during the day and was still very icy and snoy on the ground, hard day and spent most of the evening in bed with a headache. Woke up at 2:30am and noticed the room had a strange orange tinge to it, this can only mean one thing, yep I looked outside and it was snowing heavy outside and the road had three inches of snow on it! Excited I tried to sleep. When I wok at 7:45am I looked outside to see that probably the deepest snowfall I've seen in my lifetime living in Manchester had fallen outside. It was abolutely stunning!

I measured the snow on the car this morning at 6 inches and during the day it snowed down another inch and is still snowing out there now! It is wierd walking out of the day and into half a foot deep snow that I would usually only experience high up on a mountain. I actually managed to get to work as the trams were on, much to my surprise as they are usually ground to a halt by a frost! None of us could drive in a the cars were snowed in and the roads were not drivable. Nicky had to walk 3.5 miles to work and back again. The journey to work was fantastic with views from the tram that were just unbelievable. I still am having a hard time taking it in that the world outside looks the way it does, it is amazing.

I have uploaded the photos from the walk here.

I have uploaded the photos from the commute here.

Route Map...


  1. Nice pics as usual. Seems a far cry from this:
    PS I wonder if you spotted me taking photos on Timperley Station this morning? I too was surprised to see the trams running so well!

  2. I agree with Martin that those are very nice photos.

  3. That's a lot of snow. Smashing photies, too.

    It's been odd up here near Glasgow, 'cos there's not really been that much - it never got terribly deep - but ever since it started about three weeks ago it's just stayed here, frozen solid. Strange how quickly you get used to temperatures of minus 10 and the like. It's been that just about every day for the past two weeks, according to the wee thermometer in the car. In the seven years I've had that motor, I'd only ever seen a minus "double figure" reading on one single day before.

    Maybe it's time I got a new car, of course.