Monday, 28 December 2009

Geosetter correct Date Taken on photos

We've all done it, you change the batteries on your camera and then grab the camera on the way out and when taking the first shot realise the date and time is wrong and just click OK on the device leaving the time and date at something like 12:00am on 1st April 1984.

Photo with the wrong date tag clearly

You couldn't be bothered at the time but then when you get home and start to store, process and share your photos in packages like Flickr and Picasa you then start to realise that taking those few seconds to set the date would have saved you the ball ache caused by having photos with an incorrect Date Taken.

I have recently been cleaning up the thousands of photos I have in directories on my hard disk and decided to use Picasa to store, share and process my photos both on my pc and online. Picasa's default of sorting folders by Date Taken of the contained photos has highlighted just how many times I had made the above lazy mistake.

As with most problems that I approach I look hard for something that will do this with the least effort and can be used to do so in a batch processs to save me time. Life is too short already and there are hills and mountains to be climbed! So I eventually stumbled across a free package called GeoSetter...

GeoSetter interface

As I found this so useful I thought I would share it with you all and show you the process I use to quickly batch correct the a folder full of photos with the wrong Date Taken info in just seconds....

1) Download the free GeoSetter software from here.

2) Open the Geosetter application and go to Images > Open Folder from the File Menu and choose the folder containing all of the photos with the wrong Date Taken, this will show all of the photos in that folder as thumbnails.

3) Select all of the thumbnail images using the Shift Key, keeping you finger on the Shift Key either press End to highlight them all or use the Cursor Keys to get to highlight them all. We be good if they just put a Select All option.

4) Go to Images > Edit Data from the File Menu. This will show you the Edit Data window and have a picture preview of the currently selected image in the list of files on the botttom left.

5) Think of a photo in the list that you remember the approximate time and date of. One useful tip for hill walkers photos is that they usually have a sunset or sunrise, websites like this one here will give you the sunrise and sunset times for a given area. Click on this photo you have chosen.

6) On the right hand side of the Edit Data window click on the Date page. In the Date page click on 'Time Shift' instead of 'Set fixed date'. Ignore the Shift Values option and instead use the Target Date and here put in the date and time of the picture you chose.

7) Now the important bit. Click on the button below right that is called 'Set Current Values For All Selected Images'. In here make sure there is a tick in both Taken Date and Timezone Only and nothing else. Click OK to return to the Edit Data page and then OK there too to return to the thumbnails. You should now see that the thumbnails have all time shifted to the correct Date Taken.

8) All that is left now is go to Images > Save Changes. This will then save all of the images with the same name as before but will also make a backup of each just in case. The backups can be deleted and most errors that come up can just be ignored.

You can of course play around and find your own method, also each image can be changed individually on itself, the above is just for those situation when all photos are taken on the same day and therefore changing one photo can time shift the lot. Of course the other thing to point out is that the package is also primarily designed to do other things like set Geo Tag data amongst many other things, something Picasa does for me more easilly but some may find it useful for that.!

I find it very useful hope someone else will find it useful too.

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